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23 April 2013

something brand new...

First of all, thank you for even reading this--it has been forever since I posted anything, but apparently some of you are still hanging in there with me!

I'm thinking it's time for an update, followed by a pretty big announcement. 

First, the update:
So far, I haven't had any luck with the query letters I've sent out. To be honest, all the responses I've gotten have been form letter rejections (which has definitely hurt a bit). The biggest thing that has happened, though, was the form letter rejection I got from my submission to DAW. I was guardedly hopeful about that one, because they were actually going to have my manuscript in their hands instead of just a query letter. Apparently that didn't matter too much, though, because I got the standard letter on Saturday: "Thanks for submitting...the economy...not a commercial success...everybody gets rejections...keep writing."

I'm not going to go into too many details about my exact reaction because I've already written all that stuff out of my system over here and really don't want to revisit that place. However, something has come out of that raw post I wrote on Sunday.

I have some amazing friends and family, and a few of them took the time to comment on my facebook posting for that other post I linked to above. Those friends don't know just how amazing it was to read their words, and how much they helped pull me out of a pretty dark spot. One of those friends mentioned something, and it made me think. There is a whole world of ebooks out there, and some people have actually gotten to see their stories read by huge groups of people they would never have reached otherwise.

So, now for the announcement:
SONS OF TUNDYEL: THE PROPHECY will be hitting the virtual shelves before long, and by before long I mean hopefully within a month or less!

I have a bit of work to do (some final editing and figuring out how to get a good cover design), but I've decided to take the step and just go ahead and put the whole story out there. It will be available through Amazon, definitely as an ebook. Right now we are trying to decide if we should set it up for people to be able to purchase a physical copy, but that part is still being debated.

I'm in the middle of a second story right now, though it isn't in the world of Tundyel, Syndria, and Paodin. It is a fantasy, though, and I have to admit my writing has matured since I started writing SoT about 8 years ago (wow, that was a lifetime ago!) which makes me more excited about this second story.

Here's a brief glimpse into the world I'm diving into these days...
Paideia: home to the Darkur, Men, Ula Ros, and Ula Eos

The Feron: a dead army created by the Forgotten One, wraiths sweeping the land and killing everything they encounter

Sharrukin: the Voros who showed up with a tale of a half Voros, half Ula Eos who would be Paideia's only chance against the Forgotten One who shared that strange bloodline

Roedel: a clumsy, young Ula Ros who has been told he is actually the half-blood hero

Caedfel & Beryl: a Darkur male and a female from the Men, companions for Roedel and Sharrukin as they travel to the Vale to find a Ula Eos who will train Roedel

The Stone: a smooth blue stone given to Roedel by his older brother, with only the warning that he must keep it safe because it in Roedel's hand is somehow the hope of Paideia in their fight against the Feron

So, I'll keep you posted on how the ebook is coming along. I've got an outline for the next SoT story, THE DARKNESS, so once Roedel's story is finished I'll be moving on to the next installment of Paodin and Syndria.

Thank you to everyone for the encouragement you've given me. Hopefully you'll be able to have the whole story in your hands by this time next month (and here's hoping the next couple of stories don't take me quite as long to write)!


  1. EEEK! I'm so excited to see what's next! I have been reading your story. I don't get much time, but every moment I have I am reading it! Very addicting!


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