"Draw your chair up close to the edge of the precipice and I'll tell you a story." ~F. Scott Fitzgerald

08 April 2010

the journey continues

Okay, so I've posted the first bit of my story and there's more to come, but I felt like interrupting things for a minute. Like has never happened before in my life (HaHa), plans have changed. Earlier in the school year I applied for a couple of summer internships. They were longshots, so my big plan was to finish writing this summer because I would have so much free time (I was forgetting about the two kids, I guess). Well, now it looks like I will be headed to Toledo, OH, for ten weeks this summer, so I'm not sure what will happen with my writing. If I was really dedicated and disciplined, I would say that I will still make time to write, but I can't promise that. Hopefully, I can still finish this goal...

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