"Draw your chair up close to the edge of the precipice and I'll tell you a story." ~F. Scott Fitzgerald

22 December 2011

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So, just in case the sporadic postings on here aren't enough (haha), I've decided to try out this "TinyLetter" thing... maybe I'll be a bit more regular about it, like once a month.

Though I have no idea where this writing journey will take me, I am anxious to keep moving forward on the road I see before me. Most of the time I can't any more of the path than the little section on which I'm standing, but I'm learning to live with it. After all, as E.L. Doctorow said, “Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.”

I'm definitely not moving fast enough on this journey to feel like I'm driving, so to me I guess it's more like walking with a flashlight. Well, maybe more like a candle...

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