"Draw your chair up close to the edge of the precipice and I'll tell you a story." ~F. Scott Fitzgerald

24 August 2012

an apology...

So, I haven't written anything here since April...meaning I owe anybody who is interested in my crazy writing life an apology.

I am so so sorry!

Things are crazy in my life right now and have been for a few months. I wrapped up my short but very informative (to me, not necessarily my students) teaching career in May, then I spent the next couple of months getting ready for my sister's wedding and a move from Arkansas to Ohio for grad school. I've just finished (well, sort of--I still have a couple of classes this afternoon) my first week of grad school, so life definitely hasn't slowed down any lately.

My writing life is going to, sadly, be on hold for a little while. I may get a few words in here and there, but I don't expect to be making any real progress on my story until I get a break from school...which won't really happen until the end of the semester in December.

So, with that in mind, I'm taking a bit of a hiatus from this blog. I know, I know--I just came off of one since I haven't posted anything here since April. This one will be different, though, because it will actually be planned.

I can't get away from writing, though, as anybody who knows me or who understands this crazy drive to write can attest to, so I will still be updating my other blog and you are more than welcome to stop by over there. That blog is a bit different from this one (okay, maybe a lot different), but it's still me, so maybe you'll find something you would like to read there, too!

Mostly, this decision comes because I want to spend any spare minute I get to write actually writing...I want to dive into my story any chance I get, giving myself a minute or two here and there to escape this crazy world of physics I'm fighting my way through mathematically right now in grad school.

To those of you who have kept up with my writing here, thank you. Your comments on my story are greatly appreciated.

Hopefully I can come back here in a few months with the announcement that either 1) I've submitted SoT:The Prophecy or 2) SoT:The Darkness is well underway!

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