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23 January 2012

i entered!

So, I finally did it--I submitted my story to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition today.

I'm terrified, to be perfectly honest. 

I've had my writing out on this blog for a while now, which was scary enough. Now, though, I've entered a contest where the whole point of putting my story out there is for it to be judged.


Now, all I have to do is wait...that may very well prove to be the hardest part. I won't get to find out anything else until February 23rd.

The first round of the competition is based solely on the pitch, probably one of my weakest points with my writing. I wrote one, though, so I thought I would share it here. I would love to hear what you think about it (I have a couple of days to change things on my submission, so maybe somebody will have some wonderful advice that will make my pitch 10xs better!), so feel free to comment!

Bound by nature’s strength and frailty,
Though two, as one in unity,
Shall true heir of Tundyel make
And by the Truth the throne room take.

When King Simann took the throne he had the Rilso family and the True Wizards killed. Despite Simann’s precautions, though, there were still people in Tundyel who believed in the Prophecy and believed the true heir would drive Simann from the throne.

Many of those people ended up in Simann’s dungeon, a place they left only through the crematory. When Paodin ended up in the dungeon, however, something strange happened.

Paodin had been tortured many times, each time healed by the young Healer. Before she left the dungeon the last time, Paodin stood to face his captors and squared his shoulders. When Simann’s Royal Wizards entered the cell, Paodin spoke of his faith that the last True Wizard still lived and would see Simann driven from the throne. Then, he vanished.

With the castle in an uproar over the escape of the prisoner, the yound Healer Syndria was accused of helping him. Secretly sent away by the woman who raised her, Syndria escaped the castle in which she was raised only to find herself alone in what was quickly revealed to be a hostile land. When she was attacke by a bear on the mountain pass, she was saved by a familiar face—Paodin.

Now, both dedicated to seeing the Prophecy fulfilled and Simann driven from the throne, Syndria and Paodin have joined together to raise a rebellion. Together, they will face threats both mortal and magical and discover a force much more sinister than King Simann—a Darkness intent on stopping Paodin, Syndria, and the Sons of Tundyel.

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