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19 January 2012

lessons from my daughter

This post is going to be a bit different from what I usually post, but I had to share a lesson I learned the other day...

We were watching the movie "The Prince of Egypt" the other day at home, and there was a part where God was talking to Moses. My little girl looked upset, and when I asked her what was wrong she asked, "Why doesn't God talk to me like that?" I gave her what I sometimes call the "Sunday School answer," saying that God does talk to us but He chooses to talk to our heart or in our head instead of out loud. My 5 year old then said, almost teary, "I wish He would talk to me out loud, because it's hard to know what He wants when He's quiet."

What do you say to that? All I could do was agree with her and give her a hug.

I have an incredibly stubborn, hard-headed, strong-willed daughter. There are many times when I have no idea what to do with her, how to deal with my little girl
who likes to wear tutus
and act like a puppy
and wear sparkly nail polish
and wants to wear makeup.
Her mommy never liked to be girly--in fact, I would still rather wear jeans and a t-shirt than a dress, and makeup is something I only wear in public--and then very sparingly. It's the moments like that one during the movie that make me stop.
I think about another stubborn,
hard-headed person,
this one a guy named Peter.

It's those moments that make me marvel at the little girl God has entrusted to me, that make me realize that the things that make her so hard for me to understand, so hard for me to handle, are the things that are going to make her an incredible instrument for God to use.

There are many times when I have no idea what to do with her, how to deal with my little girl who is going to be used in such an amazing way...

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