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23 February 2012

ABNA results are in...

So, my pitch didn't make the cut this year for the Amazon contest. Really, though, I'm not all that disappointed. When I looked back at my pitch (probably for the 20th time), I noticed a couple of glaring mistakes I had somehow let slip by me in what I submitted. There were also a few places that I saw needed to be cleaned up (the meanings were pretty muddy). In all honesty, that pitch, as is, shouldn't have made it through to the next round.

I would have really liked to move on to the next round so I could get some feedback on the actual story, but that didn't work out this time. I can't say that I'm upset, though. The way I'm looking at it is like this: at this stage, people weren't judging my story. They were judging my ability to summarize that story and put it into 300 words or less, something I know I'm not very good at anyways.

Now, it's time to work on my query letter and figure out how to write a good pitch. Hopefully I've learned from this and I'll be able to fix the mistakes. The good thing about queries? Most agents want a section of your writing along with the summary. Maybe I'll catch somebody's attention!

So, even though I'm not all that disappointed, maybe I can convince Nathan that I need a consolation dinner tonight...

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